March 26, 2000:

  • No new soundfont now, just a new clip and a new video clip! :)
  • Support for Ride On
  • Support for Ami
  • Support for Movin'
  • Support for Jailed
  • Support for Intruders
  • Support for The Oath
  • Support for Residents
  • Support for The Mission
  • Support for Waltz For The Moon
  • Going through EVERY SINGLE MIDI to make sure EVERY note is perfect.  Listen to "The Castle" and you'll see what I mean.  Some of the midi files didn't convert properly over from the playstation version, so they must have just left all the mistakes in.  None the less, I'm putting everything back (including pitch bend and portamento) so the songs have the same feel as their playstation counterparts.
  • Got rid of some of Fragments of Memories's samples because they were a lot of copies of the same sound at different qualities.. something I could simulate manually.. it freed up about 500k, which is good. :)
  • Tinkering with some installation making programs :>
  • Attempting to find patch programs, or IPS patchers to be able to "add on" to the current soundfont.. Why? because it's insanely large, and I want to be able to allow people a smaller download.
  • I'll be including an Environment Preset for the soundfont soon, perhaps next update.
  • Soundfont is now 60% complete.  I'll release it when it's 80% complete and again when it's 100% complete :)
March 18, 2000:
  • New Logo :> Thanks ]V[ash-lo!
  • IMPORTANT - The Soundfont is now 15 megs unpacked.  I'm already at my expected file size.  The new expected file size projection is 15-25 megs.  Sorry :/
  • Soundfont now in Alpha stages.  They will now be destributed with their own self extractor and will be unpacked automatically (Meaning i'm giving you SFPack automatically..)
  • New hosts! RPGStuff and Zophar's Domain baby!! Thanks Amber! Thanks Zophar! This will be our primary site, and the xoom site will be secondary from now on, until I get my SSTrax account :)
  • Support for The Winner
  • Support for Compression of Time
  • Support for The Salt Flats
  • Support for Cactus Jack
  • Support for Blue Sky
  • Support for Truth
  • Support for Roses and Wine
  • Support for Fragments of Memories
  • Support for Maybe I'm a Lion
  • Preliminary support for Shuffle or Boogie
  • 1/3 Boss Battles supported :>
  • Retuned a lot of flutes, hopefully they sound better
  • Adjusted all the harpsichords so they use the right banks
  • Started adding in some global instruments so non-FF8 songs would start to work
  • Soundfont now 42% complete.  I was hoping to release when  it was 50% complete but, work in other areas prevent me from doing that. Don't worry, work on this puppy wont stop, but I also wont update until I'm at least 65% complete now..
March 9, 2000:
  • Support for The Successor
  • Support for Only a Plank Between One and Perdition
  • Support for The Landing (The demo version)
  • Support for Don't Be Afraid
  • Beggining stages of The Extreme started..
  • Drumkit for Maybe I'm a Lion has been completed
  • Support for a secret song that will be revieled at a later date.
  • Soundfont is now 10+ megabytes.  The estimated completed size will be around 15 to 20 megs.  By that time, I'll have server space from SSTrax.  I've recently been offered space by Zophar too!  Looks like we have a mirror site that's reasy to go up! :> Thanks for everyone's support!
  • SOUNDFONT NOW 30% COMPLETE (according to FF8 soundtrack. :) ) Check the Progress page for details!
March 2, 2000:
  • Support for The Spy
  • Support for Blue Fields
  • Support for SeeD
  • Support for Drifting
  • Support for Slide Show Part 1 and 2
  • Support for Julia (and it retains its original beauty.  I was literally in tears when I first did a test play of it)
  • Modified Mute Trumpet in The Spy to be quieter
  • Modified Mods de Chocobo drumkit.  Claps are now in the right speaker.  I also had to modify the midi to actually put them back in.  (They were in the MP3 version but not the midi version for some reason.. maybe it's because the Oooh voices clap too..)
  • I think I may go back over all the instruments to apply a cutoff value.  It will probably help with the background noise within the samples.  It helped a heck of a lot for Julia. :)
  • Playing around with The Extreme. We're still trying to figure out where its samples went.  There seems to be only two exclusive samples to the song (the two leads) so we may be forced to improvise.  If we are, trust me, you wont be disappointed with what we may do to 'fill in' that guitar lead and bass + lead samples.

  • I decided to post soundfonts every second update from now on.  The reason being, I can't upload a large soundfont every time I update, I'll have way too much on there.  But anyway, I will update you on our progress, and maybe include a clip. :)
February 28, 2000:
  • Two new members of the Final Fantasy 8 Soundfont team! Welcome Mirai Trunks and MissSchala! :) You'll soon be able to get the info on the team in the "About Us" area on the right column..Yura and I welcome you guys! :)
  • Support for *cough* One Winged Angel :)
  • Support for The Man With The Machine Gun
  • Support for Find Your Way
  • Support for Junction
  • Some issues with The Man With The Machine Gun.  It just doesn't sound right. Also some volume issues, but they can be fixed.
  • I think there are a couple flutes and ocarinas that are out of tune.  I'll work on those (You can hear them in The Landing and The Man With The Machine Gun).
  • I will now only be releasing the supported music on the "Soundfont Progress" page (look on the right column) It saves me the hastle of looking for all the midi's when zipping up. :)
  • Starting to write some documentation.  Don't expect much, at least not until this project is complete.
February 26, 2000:
  • Support for The Landing (Dollet. The new version)
  • Support for Starting Up
  • Samples all tuned now, but the Wav Tuner isn't a miracle worker, there are some samples that didn't tune properly and might sound wrong.  If you hear one, let me know, and in which song.

  • Instruments tweaked countless times.  Applied articulation level of 5 on every instrument (50+) so when the soundfont is converted to other formats, it wont either be too loud or too soft.
February 24, 2000:
  • Support for Succession of Witches
  • Support for Starting Up
  • Made it so that the Ensemble Strings play on Cello and Contrabass programs. (42 and 43) Why? because the midi's were designed to use GM.DLS from Microsoft.  That's why. :) They sound right now.
  • Fixed up release ADSR's for drums in Force Your Way
  • Plan on retuning the guitar in Breezy to make it sound better
  • Planning on fixing up the Cutoff for the Sawtooth in Force Your Way
  • Completely retuned ALL the samples.  Wav Tuner wasn't a miracle worker like i thought it would be though.  Not all samples are perfect, just yet. But it's way better than before. :)
  • Special thanks goes to MiraiTrunks for giving me a Sample Looper program! oh my God it makes my life so much easier. :)
February 22, 2000:
  • Support for Odeka de Chocobo
  • Support for Force Your Way (sounds like the mp3)
  • Support for Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
  • Support for Breezy
  • Support for Mods de Chocobo
  • Fixed up fine tuning for woodwinds in Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
  • Fixed up instrumentation for Mods de Chocobo
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