Eric Hache
Internet Nickname: Yura, EGM
Real Name: Eric E. Hache
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Website: Eric's Game Music
Roles in the Team:
A lot of beta testing, conversion manager, programs manager, music converter and supplier for all the music. Other roles cannot be disclosed at this time, until the soundfont is complete.
Being the diehard gamemusic fan as I am, I couldn't let FF8 PC sound the way it currently does.  I truly appreciate all the effort Mathew, Schala and MT are putting on this project and sincerly hope you will all like it as I will. :) The port was no where near the quality it should have been at, and I'm truly confident that we will succeed where the PC port team failed! :)
Mathew Valente
Internet Nickname: TSSF
Real Name: Mathew Valente
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Website: Mathew Valente's Site
Roles in the Team:
Project manager, website designer, soundfont initial stages design and preparation.  Develops actual soundfonts with help from other members, along with his knowledge in instrumentation, sampling, music and note accuracy, and is also modifying all the midi files to work 100% with the soundfont.
It's so cool to work with Yura, MissSchala and MiraiTrunks. :) With everyone's help this will not only go a lot faster, but the quality will be immensly improved.  I'm so glad we're all working on this together. :) I want to say hey to a bunch of people, but SSTrax especially. :)
 Amber Ritchie
Internet Nickname: MissSchala
Real Name: Amber Ritchie
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Website: RPGStuff
Roles in the Team:
FF8 samples supplier, beta tester, midi modifier, and supplier for the website.
As a long time enthusiast of ripping stuff from PSX games, I never knew it'd ever go anywhere. ^_^ Big thanks goes out to the fella that coded the THV program, as well as my many friends on Espernet (you know who you are. :) )
Sean LaValle
Internet Nickname: MiraiTrunks
Real Name: Sean LaValle
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Website: -
Roles in the Team:
FF8 samples supplier, instrumentation helper, very very useful program supplier (loopers and tuners..), beta testing and music accuracy informer.
I have no doubt this project will result in a great product. Midi lovers, feast your ears on great music; an accurate reproduction of FF8's PSX soundtrack.
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