Installation for Soundblaster Live! 
    EXTRACT IT (optional)
This is optional since the extractable file does this all for you. Open up WinZip after downloading the file, and extract the .SFPACK file to a directory of your choice.  I'm not going to go into detail as to how to extract .zip files, because that's general knowledge.  It should be, anyway.
  • Load up SFPack. Click on "Add Files
  • Change the File Type to "SFPack Files (*.SFPack)"
  • Load up the packed Soundfont file.  It should always be named FF8SF2.SFPack, despite which version you downloaded.
  • Click on FF8SF2 and then click Go. The file will be extracted to the same directory you put the .sfpack file.  Now you're finally ready to load the .SF2 into your memory.
Load up the Soundfont Manager in the Creative Launcher. It might be a good idea to see how much RAM is allocated to the soundcard.  Click on the Options tab and assign more RAM to your soundcard if you have less than 20 megs allocated right now.  The soundfont isn't a complete General Midi soundfont, so you may want to keep in mind that you should put a lot of RAM in so you can load two soundfonts.  The FF8 one, and a backup one to play the sounds the FF8 one doesn't support.
  • In the Configure Bank tab, click Load
  • Load up any soundfont you want that could backup the missing GM sounds.  We'll just use the Creative Labs 8 megabyte soundfont in our example. 
  • Click Open.  The computer may freeze for a little while, but don't worry. That's normal, it's the sample information being loaded into memory.
  • Click Load once again and this time select the FF8SF2.SF2 file from wherever you put it.
  • The arrow  indicates which soundfont takes priority.  Make sure it's pointing beside the Final Fantasy 8 one.
  • Your Soundfont Manager should display something similar to this:
    PLAY! :)
Congratulations, your MIDI Instruments have no been changed over to use the Final Fantasy 8 soundfont!  You could play one of the .mid files included.  The .mid files included were designed specifically for the soundfont.  They will most likey mess up elsewhere.
These are programs you will need to extract these files.