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Lastupdate: December 26, 2000
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NOTE: You will probably need SFPack. Get ithere.

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE (12/26/00):

  • FF8pc Demo Music System Patch does NOT work in Windows Me, or Direct X8. I'm not 100% sure which is causing this, but I can tell you that I never had this problem when I did it through Windows 98. Here's the reason why:

    GM       DLS     3,440,660  06-08-00  5:00p gm.dls
    FF8MS    DLS     4,698,384  04-07-00  8:42p ff8ms.dls
            2 file(s)      8,139,044 bytes
            0 dir(s)        1,399.39 MB free

    C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS>rename C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\GM.DLS GMBackup.DLS
    C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS>rename C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\FF8MS.DLS GM.DLS
    C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS>attrib +r +s +h c:\windows\system32\drivers\gm.dls

    GM       DLS     3,440,660  06-08-00  5:00p gm.dls
    GMBACKUP DLS     3,440,660  06-08-00  5:00p GMBackup.DLS
            2 file(s)      6,881,320 bytes
            0 dir(s)        1,392.82 MB free

    It seems as though Windows Mellenium has some form of advanced non-modification security for DirectX 8.  Or maybe DX8 has it?  All in all, that's how I turn on the music system for FF8pc demo's instrumentation.  It seems as though no matter what attribute's are applied to the file, the GM.DLS file is ALWAYS regenerated so it cannot be replaced to use different sounds.  This is amazingly messy to fix, but I do know how to make Windows Me use the new instrumentation. It involves editing Direct Music's default DLS registry entry.  This, though, will require me to either:

    A) make you guys change it yourself, or
    B) try to make something that will change it for me

    How I'm going to do this, I really don't know.  But none the less, I just thought I should point this out before I get emails complaining to me that it doesn't work in Windows Me.
    • What's New:
    Alright.  Well, maybe 2 people have expressed interest.  I've been waiting half a year.  Wow. :) I've decided that since I've been shown a lot of appreciation for working so hard on this earlier this year, and that since no one really wants to help me out and that it's not really worth it, I don't feel I should waste my time with this when I could be doing other things that could pretty much help further my future, as it were.

    If you want to be a part of salvaging this product, please, let me know.  It would be nice to actually know whether or not someone wants this thing.  I can't do it myself.  And please, I'm not going to wait another half year for an answer.


    Remember, the guidelines:

    • Must have at least 1 year worth of soundfont experience
    • Must know how to loop/tune samples as close as possible without 'clicks'or 'pops', and in tune as much as possible
    • You must be easy to work with, and you must accept my way of designingit. (In otherwords, I've got a certain setup for a reason.  This isn'tfor soundfonts or GM compatibility, this is so we can replace FF8pc's actualmusic system.  This is the main priority.

    Oh yeah, despite the recent e-mail I received from a certain "fan", Merry Christmas.
    Note: Go to theDOWNLOADS page and check it out! Final Fantasy 8pc DEMO Music System Patch RELEASED!!
    Required :

    • Soundblaster Live! (atleast 20 mb allocated) or Soundfont 2+ compatibility with software synth.
    • Backup GM soundfont,to fill in the instruments that the ff8 soundfont doesn't yet have
    Email me if you haveproblems. :) (NOT if you feel like bitching at me for something you're not even paying for.)

    [No special Clip this update]

    This is the soundfont working in action! This is an actual FF8pc movie mixed in with a midi playing with the soundfont! (the songstops abruptly to prove it)

    You'll need AppleQuicktime 4.1

    This Update'sMP3 Clip
    April8: Love Grows
    Please note that none of these songs are recorded from the Final Fantasy 8 soundtrack. They're actually recordings from the soundfont. :)

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    April 9: No .SF2 update
    April9: FF8demomspatch.exe


    SoftSynth(none yet)
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